Friday, January 30, 2004

Okay, so today I'm doing my daily workout ritual. Like usual, I started out with my little cardio/dance video. And let me tell you, the first 40 minutes are pretty intense. So I'm workin like crazy, and by the middle of the workout I'm really hot, sweaty, and exhausted...basically, gross. I decide to pull the bottom of my shirt up through the top like we used to do when we were in elementary school. You remember; we thought we were all cool b/c we were showing our stomachs when really we just looked like some stupid kids in a freaky mambo style t-shirt. So, I keep working out with my new look. Let me tell you, if you saw me doing this video you would probably laugh at me. It's a great workout, but it looks...well, idiotic. I get SO into it most of the's just so much more fun if you overdo it. Towards the end of the video I briefly look outside through the one, tiny window in the room. Well, there were two of my neighbors staring at me. Great. Here I was, dancing like some freak in my dorky little shirt while my neighbors were having a great time watching from next door. That's the last time I'm working out without lowering the shade first.

Thursday, January 29, 2004

So, I'm sitting here at like midnight reading other people's blogs caz I'm just that bored, and I start to think. Hey, why not? I'll create a blog too. There's gotta be other people out there just like me who have nothing better to do than read some random bloggage. I figure at the very least it'll be a way of entertaining myself. Yeah, I have no life but so what?

I feel sorry for all of you who have to take so many midterms. I had a fun time trying to get out of mine. French was the hardest to talk my way out of. Ok- this was ridiculous...Ms. Lange didn't want to exempt me with a 82.94....i mean come on now! We all know that an 82.94 is an 83 which last time i checked was a B. But not according to Ms. Lange...oh, no. You wouldn't believe how much I had to press her to get out of the exam. but anyways- enough about Ms. Lange...she's a whole other story.

Yeah, so calc was a fun experience today. I go in to retake a test and Mr. Geary gives me the same exact one I took the week before. At first I thought he was being cool- Mr. Bouchard style, by giving me the same test I already took and had the answers to. But he definitely had no idea that I had taken that same test before. He was talking me through the instructions, asking if I have any questions, if I was prepared enough... I'm not complaining though. It'll be my first A on a calc test and Mr. Geary will think I'm improving alot. Hey, good deal for me. The exam i wasn't so lucky for...i kinda just wrote down random letters for the multiple choice and I made up a formula or two for the free-response questions but I don't care. Exams are done.

Something today really annoyed me though. And if you really know me you know that I don't get annoyed that often. I walk into Milford Photo to pick up all of the resized pictures for the dance yearbook. Now- last week when I handed them in to get resized it was frustrating. Originally they said they could get them done for the next day. Then they go and change their minds and make this big deal about how it will actually take at least a week. So, meanwhile I miss the yearbook deadline b/c Milford Photo needed extra time to do these pictures. Stupid liars. So, back to today. I walk in to pick up the pics (haha- sounds funny...pick up the pics...ok, well i laughed). They hand me back the original photos saying they couldn't do it b/c there are copyright laws. Since when have there been copyright laws about resizing pictures!!! And of course they couldn't have told me this earlier while I miss the deadline and a whole bunch of free random yearbook junk b/c of them. Personally, I think they were looking for an excuse. Copyright laws? Please.