Friday, April 30, 2004

It was a dark and stormy night....ok, it was really a sunny afternoon- but I bet you know where this is going. This is the story of the Lee Lund ghost. dun dun dunnnnn!!!! Ok, enough with the spooky's actually a funny story. So, I'm at dance Thursday afternoon. I'm demonstrating for junior company and Debi is deep in thought trying to think of some type of staging that will work with her piece. Meanwhile, we're all silent so she can think clearly. Then, the metal sign outside began to swing and make a squeeking noise. It sounded like a mix between nails on a chalkboard and a rusty swing on a playground. It was a really creepy sound because it was silent in the room otherwise and the noise just didn't stop. The whole class it kept squeekin. It reminded me of some horror movie where it would be a dark and stormy night, and you're all alone in a silent house, and then you hear something moving outside or the floor board creak or something. Anyways, everyone in the room notices this noise...I mean it was pretty loud and obvious....and we start giggling. Now, I'm sure you have these moments too...often, I'll find something funny and be laughing with a group of people and when they all stop laughin, I keep wanting to continue. But everyone stopped already, so I kind of can't, you know? Then, for several minutes after that I keep wanting to burst out laughing but the moment already passed for the rest of the group, so basically I'd look like an idiot if I ever did. You know what I'm talking about, I know you do. Well....this was one of those times. After our little group laugh and talk about how it sounded like a horror movie was over I was okay for a bit. But whenever I heard it squeek again, I couldn't control the urge. I just wanted to laugh so badly! But everyone was silent and Debi was lost deep in concentration. I would have been so interruptive! So, every once and awhile I had this like weird smile on my face because I was about to laugh. But don't worry.... each time I contained myself. I wonder if anyone in the class Finally, I was able to calm myself enough to proceed as usual with the class. Just as I got myself under control, all of a sudden, the door to the studio opens slowly (while creaking of course), then closes slowly, and then opens again. Just a little weird considering the studio is on the second floor, no? I don't even remember that day being particularly windy...weird huh? Isn't it just so...horror movie-esque! The fun part though was trying to contain my laughter during class. It wasn't easy!

While I'm talking about bizarre things, I might as well mention today's math class. Ok, my story about the dance ghost and my story about math class have nothing in common, so just consider it a weak transition. Today, however, was no ordinary day in Mr. Geary's calc class. Today was the day of our high stakes review game. That's what he called it. "High stakes review game". Well, I'm thinking...high stakes, ok....automatic A for the marking period for the winner. I was far from correct. But it was the most awesome review game I have ever experienced. I walked into the room at the beginning of fourth period, to see various pieces of colored paper taped around the border of the entire chalkboard. Hmm...this is interesting. The game was Press Your know, the one with the Whammys. "No whammys!" There were three teams and which ever team answered Geary's question first (we had to write it down) would get two points if they were correct, and which ever team answered second would get one point. If you answered last or had the wrong answer you got zero points. Sorry. So the end of each round each team got to go up to the blackboard and remove one piece of paper for every point they earned. On the back of each paper was either a number- representing points to be added onto your teams final average, a particular prize, or a whammy. If you got a whammy you lost all of your points. The prizes were hysterical. We could win various types of candy, playdoh, sidewalk chalk, a yoyo, a bouncy ball, and my prize...bubbles. Do you not find that funny? I guess Geary knew what he was doing tho....we had a blast with our childhood toys. I went around blowing bubbles the rest of the math class and during french. Classic fun. But, oh my gosh those stupid whammys were everywhere! For some reason, my team just didn't know how to pick em. Out of the three teams, mine got 6 of the 8 whammys. Nevertheless, we ended up with 7 extra points being added on to our average. Plus, one of the two whammys we didn't get caused another team to lose 23 points. How does it feel to finally get a whammy guys? I laugh at their misfortune. A fun calc class didn't seem possible until today. Just kidding...calc is my most favorite class ever!!! (note the sarcasm)

Sunday, April 25, 2004

I've come to a realization. I am a pessimist. I don't know how it happened...I wasn't always this way, but now I am. The bright side ain't so bright for me anymore. Suddenly, everything is starting to annoy me. The way people talk, the color of the floor at school...anything. It seems like no matter where I turn or what I do, I'm aggravated about something. And most of the time it's something stupid and pointless. Like lately. to word this...happy people annoy me. The ones who are always cheerful and smiling...never a complaint to speak of. Aren't they just annoying? I don't know why...but lately I just can't stand them! They're just too....cheery. I get sick everytime they come up to me their big grins to say "Hi Trisha!" in their bubbly little voices. I'm like, frown for once people! I'm sorry. I know I'm sounding really depressing and if you're a happy person, then good for you...I'm not trying to upset you. (Aren't I doing a great job of that?) I don't have anything against you's just been my crazy mood lately. This is just the annoying thing of the week for me. Next week it'll probably be people who are angry all the time that annoy me, or....oh, I don't know....maybe something as stupid as the way people say my name or even like, red nailpolish...who knows? All I'm sayin is don't take offense to it...I'm just being pessimistic and crabby all of a sudden. I don't want to seem really cruel and nasty here. And I know what you're thinking, and it's not PMS. I know that much. This is kinda extreme actually, it's happening all the time...and it's really starting to frustrate me. It won't go away. I know I've been babbling on about nothing really, but a girl needs a place to vent. So here I am're annoying me! Just kidding. sigh. I'm really sorry for this whole entire blog here, but this thought is just one of the many things that has been irritating me lately. And let me tell you, it's aggravating to keep it in. Hopefully next time I blog I'll be a little more cheerful. Have a nice day.

Saturday, April 24, 2004, I'm back from my little fiesta in Florida. It was fun, but it's one of those things where you need a vacation from the know what I mean? I'll give you a little summary of my time in the sun. We got there at 10:00 Monday morning- we meaning me, my mom, and my brother. Now, being the dork that I am, I typed up schedules that told us where to be, what to do, and when- down to the minute. So, you can imagine my aggravation when I discovered that my hotel's next shuttle to MGM wouldn't be leaving until 11:30. That just set us back too many minutes. Since I mentioned the word hotel in that last sentence, I'll speak on that topic first. My hotel...well....let's just say that it left much to be desired. The place was deserted, that is, except for my family. But, of course, it was still huge and our room had to be a 10 minute outdoor walk from the lobby. I'm exaggerating a little...but not much. I did feel at home though when the tub filled up with water while taking a shower. We have that same problem at home. But it did allow me to sleep in later in the morning because I could only take a one and a half minute shower before the tub overflowed. Once again, I am using my artistic license to "stretch the truth", but the tub did fill up. My most memorable hotel experience though had to have been seeing the look on my brother's face when he realized there was a dead, and rather large, beetle in his bed. Puts a new meaning to the term bedbugs. But, the hotel did give us free breakfast: coffee, bread and jam, and a free shuttle bus to all of the parks. What else do you really need in Disney besides transportation to the parks and a little bit of food? I mean, as long as you have that, you can survive sharing a bed with some beetles and walking a mile to your room after a long day in the park, no? Eh, it was cheap. What do you expect?

Back to day one. I tend to get sidetracked alot. Anyways, MGM was awesome. A lot more fun than I remember it. I still believe that there is no kind of rush anyone can possibly experience that is better than the first three seconds on The Rockin Roller Coaster. It's insane! I love it, I love it, I love it! By far the most thrilling of all the rides. The funniest part of this day though was seeing my mom in the Tower of Terror. It was fun laughing at her screaming during the drops, but the best part was before the ride even started. She was convinced that one of the hotel guys outside of the library was just a wax dummy, but in fact he was real. She didn't believe us. He was keeping his character really well, with this scary face and as motionless as can be, adding to the....umm....spookiness i guess is the right word. Well, she was certain he wasn't real and kept waving her arms in front of his face for a good 49 seconds or so to prove her point. You can imagine how hard Geoff and I were laughing when he walked in the room after us. Later that day, I played the new Who Wants to Be a Millionaire game there and I am proud to say that I finished in fifth place out of the whole room of 600 people. I had to get in my minute of bragging. =) Fantasmic was my favorite part of the day though; I love that show. Before I start talking about the next day, I must say that I am amazed by how brave some little kids are. In Fantasmic, they added this really scary scene with all the Disney villians trying to like kill Mickey and the rest of the good Disney characters and there's smoke and lightning and all that jazz. If I was little, I would have been crying hysterically. There were a few kids who had to leave, but not too many. I was impressed. This younger generation can handle some intense stuff. Way to go kids.

Day two. Epcot. This was the day that killed me. I love Epcot, I really do. But it is just sooo exhausting. I don't know if it's because of the educational theme that wears me out or the fact that you walk like 12 miles to cover the whole park, but by the end of the day I was really sick, sore, and tired. I must add that at every park there were no lines. I mean literally, no lines. The longest I had to wait was 20 minutes and that was for a movie in the World Showcase at Epcot. I went on Test Track and Mission Space twice each. I don't get Mission Space; they warned us like 800 times through the use of signs that were placed every few feet on the walls of the waiting rooms, and another 4 times during the preshow video that if we are prone to motionsickness not to ride. That's eight hundred and four times! And that's the only reason I went on the ride a second time, to try to figure out what that warning was all about. It was a cool ride, but it didn't make me the slightest bit dizzy, or nauseous or whatever. I was expecting the extreme end of intense, but there was nothing there. Not one butterfly in my stomach or one moment of unconsciousness or anything! I know we were spinning on like superspeed but it didn't seem like it because we're completely enclosed so we don't see ourselves spinning and it feels like we're motionless. That was their goal I guess because in space you're not really spinning but you feel the g-force and weightlessness and all which was there in the ride. Whatever. It's just one more thing in the world that confuses me I guess. I was upset that day when I found out my favorite ride and restaurant at Epcot were closed...but whatcha gonna do? I actually made it to all of the countries this time, and I enjoyed my Moroccan and Japanese meals I had for lunch and dinner, so it was okay they were closed. While I was in the France section, I really felt like talking in French to feel all cool and foreign. But, there were actually a lot of french people there and I would have felt really stupid if I used the wrong kind of accent or something. Speaking of accents, when I get older I want a little kid with an accent. I'm sorry, but there is nothing cuter in the world. I heard like 58 little british, spanish, and french kids talking during my stay at Disney and....well, I want one.

Like I said, Epcot wore me out. So, you can imagine how Wednesday went while I was at Magic Kingdom. I did everything there was to do at the park by 3:00. So, I repeated Philharmagic, which I must say is my new favorite of everything at Disney. It's a 3D show with all these cool lights and special effect jazz. Oh my god, at one point they made the whole theater smell like apple was amazing! I've been craving some ever since! Philharmagic is the only 3D show at Disney that doesn't scare me. All the other ones have like lions or snakes trying to eat you or something...and hey- those muppets can be pretty frightening! Anyways, we had these awesome dinner reservations for the California Grill at 9:30 that night. It sounded amazing. It's this classy, fine-dining place where the desserts alone cost like $19 each...and those are the cheap ones. It's located on the top floor of one of Disney's resorts and we had reservations set during the fireworks show at Magic Kingdom. In other words, it would have been an amazing view. I mean, this place is a hot spot. It's the most popular restaurant in the area and we had to make reservations months ago. But, it was 3:00.... we're in Magic Kingdom, exhausted, no more rides left, no more shows, and over six hours until dinner. Sad to say, we canceled the reservations. Too bad. If only there were longer lines at the park and we had something to do until then....wait, what am I saying? I'm wishing for longer lines? Needless to say, we ordered pizza in our hotel that night and it was good. Good pizza. Traditional pizza. Not $129 pizza.

Thursday was fun. We spent the whole day at Downtown Disney. Shopping and eating. Two of the best things this world has to offer. Some of the stores were really fun. Like, they had this magic shop with demonstrations going on all day, a magnet store with thousands upon thousands of magnets that all like talk, lightup and move and junk, a bath and body shop with these amazing smelling soaps and refrigerated, natural face masks and lots more unique stores. My favorite one though was the toy store; it was all traditional toys but with a Disney theme. Like, Clue where Mickey, Minnie and the gang are suspects, Monopoly with properties like Splash Mountain and the Haunted Mansion, and Mr. Potato Head with mouse stuff like that. It was fun to look at. We ate at Planet Hollywood which was cool. In one of the display boxes, they had the axe Jack Nicholson used in The Shining which made me think of my dance friends and miss home a bit. Then, I remembered where I was and forgot about them. Just kidding guys! Late that night, we saw Cirque du Soleil. It was insane! I loved it! It's like this cool mix of circus, dance, and theater and it's scary and funny and exciting all at once. Like I said, insane! It was really short though. Or, at least it seemed it to me. At one point, I thought it was intermission, but in fact it was over. Guess that meant I really enjoyed it, huh? There were no contortionists though....a little surprising to me. In the opening, there was a girl doing a one handed handstand on top of a guy's head who was bicycling across a tightrope. That was hot. I must say though that the circus freaks me out man. Not because I think that what they do is really like hard or impressive or whatever. It's just a scary thing. Like, it's really dark and weird and just plain scary. It's an intense place.

Thursday refreshed me, so I was all ready for Animal Kingdom on Friday. The only thing that I thought was really worth doing here was the Festival of the Lion King show. It was insanely good. I actually almost cried because of how good it touched me or something like that. Don't laugh. I actually did cry during the Beauty and the Beast show at MGM...I'm such a dork. But, besides the Lion King show, the rest for me was just ehh. The safari and exhibits were cool...but I've seen animals before. Nothing new. I mean, a tiger's a tiger no matter where you see it. There were some bats out and about though which was different and I got to see a bald eagle for the first time. I thought they were still endangered, but they're not...learned something new. I must say however, that the stupid Bugs Life 3D show creeped me out to the extreme. I handle bugs okay, I mean I laughed when I saw the beetle in the hotel room. But, when those stupid bees stung me in my back...yeah, that wasn't cool. I screamed and jumped up out of my seat. I've never done that before. I just didn't expect it. I kept thinking they would have insects crawl across our feet like the mice in Honey, I Shrunk the Audience, but bees stinging me in my back??? Didn't see it coming. Later that day, I got my picture taken with Chip and Dale. Dale kissed my hand and tried to walk off with me after the picture. So, Chip ran after us and hit him. They got in a chipmunk fight for a hot minute. It was a fun lil' show. One of the shuttle bus driver guys tried to hit on me too. I don't know what it is with me and vacations, but there's always at least one guy who does. This bus driver was a twenty something hispanic guy from NY and he kept talking to me the whole bus ride. When we got closer to my hotel he asked me how old I was. When I told him, he shut up and said he'd better stop and behave himself. I'd take Dale over him anyways.

One of the most fun things about the whole trip though...well, there were two really. One was fun and the other just exciting for me I guess. Geoff and I had this contest thing to see who could find the most hidden mickeys. We kept it up the whole trip and I'm proud to say I won, finding 7 while he found only 5/6. We kept debating about whether or not one of his actually counted. It was this sort-of Mickey shaped water stain on one of the walls. My position: who would purposefully put a water stain up on a wall? Whether it was Mickey shaped or not. But, he swears that's the exact reason they put it up, because no one would expect it. If you have an opinion please share...unless you agree with my brother, then keep it to yourself. Anyways, the other cool thing was that I didn't get sunburnt and I didn't even have to wear sunscreen! I don't get it! It was up near 90 degrees everyday but no sunburn! I mean, I get burnt if I spend an afternoon outside in October so I was proud. And finally, the plane ride home. I was, in one word...hyper. Geoff and I spent the entire plane ride annoying my mom and making faces at each other like little kids. People on the plane must have thought we were nuts. We were SO loud while everyone else was like trying to sleep. We got back home at 1:30 in the which time I was spent. Overall, it was a fun little break...if you can call it a break. I'm just sad I have to go back to school in two days already. Oh well, vacation then school, then vacation then school....that's the circle of life I guess. Sorry, I guess Disney is still on my mind.

Friday, April 16, 2004

I'm sorry to disappoint you all but you won't be recieving a new blog for at least a week. I'm going away on vacation; I need to have fun right now. I haven't been doing so well this past week...ever since those kids at Beecher. Go ahead and laugh, but I'm serious! Since Wednesday, I've been exhausted, stressed, and up all night crying. I don't think it was the kids that made me cry...I'm not that messed up to cry over them. It's just that these past few days I've been feeling kind of similar to how I felt a couple of months ago....which isn't a good thing. So where am I going away to? Disneyworld: the happiest place on earth! I've been so drained lately that I even broke my "one blog a day" streak! Now, that's pretty drained. I missed an entire day! And to make it worse, I don't have anything funny to write about today, which is why I've wasted the last 163 words basically saying nothing. I've lost my spark...

Ok, I have a kind of funny story. (Way to contradict what I just said, no?) I went out to dinner with my family. We were at Chilis to be exact. That's important, you know, where we actually were. Anyways, a side thing of spiced apple junk came with my meal. I saved it for last because they do this thing to's kind of magical. Wow, I'm exhausted...I wouldn't normally type that. So, I dig in to my mess of apple goodness and what do I get a mouthful of? Apples, yes, but also....onion. If you don't know this already, onion is the one food I can't tolerate. The name alone makes me cringe. Of course, I spit it out without considering my manners. Trust me, it's much better to be rude than to actually swallow a piece of onion. But... I still wanted those apples! So, I proceeded to pick through it with my fork, separating the apple from the onion. And of course when the waiter comes over to our table, my mom asks if there's suppossed to be onion in with the apples and if it was some sort of sweet and spicy delicacy or something. Can you say, umm....embarrassing? The waiter was polite and said it indeed was not suppossed to be in there, acting as if my mother asked a completely normal question. But of course he was polite...he's paid to be. I know that in reality he was thinking she was crazy. I could practically read his mind whirling with thoughts of sarcasm...."Yes maam. Of course we purposefully put onions in your daughters dish. It adds a subtle, unique zest meant to enhance the flavor and aroma of the apples. Come on, are you crazy!" When he left, I thought that was the end of my embarrassment. That was until the manager came out to personally apologize for the mishap. He offered me a free dessert which I politely declined. But he kept insisting. At this point I was so embarrassed about the whole thing I just said I was much too full from the (otherwise) delicious meal for any dessert but thank you. He left. Phew! As I got up to leave, I thought I was safe. But, on our way out he came to me and handed me a chocolate cake syrup carmel thing in a container to go. He said he would feel terrible if I had left dissappointed in my meal. He added in a whisper that at least I could save the dessert for a later time, and he completed it with a wink of the eye. He was a nice guy. But a little over the top, no? Who knew Chilis had such hospitality? My mom wanted some of my dessert so I told her to get her own onion-apple side dish! I deserved the dessert after all of my "disappointment" didn't I? The dessert was good I must say. And I have a new fondness for the Chilis manager.

I actually have another little story to share. I went to pick up some medication at CVS and there was a kind of long line. They have these tile letter things up on the wall next to their pharmacy section. It's supposed to say "our vision is to help people live longer, healthier and happier lives". The "r" on the word happier had fallen off the wall and was lying on the floor and there was like a shadow on the wall where the letter had been. So in other words, it was really obvious that it was supposed to read "happier" but all it said was "happie". Well, there was a couple in front of me in line. The wife turned to her husband and said "look hun. They spelled "happy" wrong...h-a-p-p-i-e" At first I thought she was just joking around with him, you know... trying to be funny. But her husband's reaction seemed quite serious and the aura they were giving off just didn't seem like "funny" was her intention. So I chuckled to myself that she didn't realize it should have said happier. Then she says, "It looks like how I would spell happy, no?" The husband didn't laugh but just said, "Hmm. I wonder if they know it's spelled wrong". I mean come on now. You really think they spelled happy wrong in big red letters on the wall of CVS and didn't realize it? And yet again I thought of Dr. Liberman and how the word happy wouldn't even be correct because of parallelism with the words "longer" and "healthier". That's twice in one week. I hate that she haunts me. Anyways, they stopped talking about it so I thought it was over and done with. When it was their turn to pick up their prescription they went up and asked the pharmacist, "Um, excuse me, but do you realize that you spelled "happy" wrong on the wall". I thought to myself, you have got to be kidding me! These people are so clueless! Now, unlike the waiter at Chilis who acted friendly even though he wanted to laugh at my mom, this pharmacy guy just started full out laughing. It was hysterical! I thought he would be all professional about it, but no. He tried to cover it up by quickly turning his hysterical laughter into a small chuckle and saying that the letter "r" had just fallen down, but he didn't do such a great job. I thought it was really funny. Maybe I'm just unnaturally cruel and have a twisted sense of humor to laugh at people like that. But, you have to's kind of funny. Right? Or am I really just a mean person? Again, this is one of those questions I don't really want you to answer...just keep it to yourself. I'm checkin out. Be back in a week.

Wednesday, April 14, 2004

Today I went to Diversity Day at Beecher with the French Honors Society. I learned two things from this experience. 1) I could never be a teacher 2) Woodbridge is really rich. Let's explain here. Reasons why I could never be a teacher: it's too exhausting, kids are annoying, and it's boring. By the end of the day...and by day I mean the three hours that we were there, I had my little speech about Tahiti stuck in my head and I felt like I was a tour guide, complete with the fake cheerfulness. Do you know what it's like to repeate the same 4 minute talk 50 times in a row and say "no, only one cookie. no, six is too many...put them back" like 800 times? No, you don't. It's no fun. Erica and I tried to add some variety by switching around the order we said things to the kids...but that didn't cut it. We were bored out of our minds.

Now, on to my second realization. I always knew Woodbridge was a rich town, but it never really hit me quite like it hit me today. I mean, it's not until you walk into an elementary school with two campuses, an auditorium, and a pool that you realize this. But that's just the start. That's nothing compared to what else I saw. They don't just have a cafeteria...oh no. They have a café with a menu selection that even included desserts ranging from cookies to ice cream. That's right- they have an ice cream machine. Plus, forget the lunch tickets and milk pay for whatever items you choose individually, like at high school. After leaving the cafeteria, I proceeded to walk down the carpeted hallways with high ceilings, right by the third graders in their abercrombie tres chic outfits. I decided to check out the faculty bathroom. Let's just say whoa. In one word, whoa . The first thing I noticed was the basket of handlotions. I prefer vanilla, but if that isn't to the teachers' liking, they could also choose from cherry almond, lavender, or sandalwood. Next, I see the fine art on the wall....Monet. What teacher really needs art on the wall of the bathroom at an elementary school? But here comes the best part. I round the corner in the bathroom and what do I see?......a bed. No joke. There is a bed in the faculty bathroom at Beecher, complete with sheets, a blanket, and two down pillows. I can just picture some teacher going into the bathroom for a 20 minute nap while her class is in the art room or something. I'm sorry, but that's a little extreme. I could handle the pool, the "café", and the abercrombie...but a bed in the bathroom? Today, I realized just how rich Woodbridge really is. That we need to be pampered to that level at an elementary school!!! Stop the insanity people!

Tuesday, April 13, 2004

I don't know what it is about scooter-soccer-basketball that transforms Amity students. I can't really explain it, but it definitely happens. Let me take you back to yesterday's gym class. I'm in C gym. The gym class where we complain because the weight room even requires too much effort, never mind any type of organized game. So why do the scooters excite us so much? Maybe it's reminiscent of elementary school for us.....scooting around and hearing Mr. B. yell "HOT DOG!!!" every two seconds. I guess that could explain part of it. But the other part is still a mystery. It's not just that we enjoy it...but we get agressive. I mean, hardcore agressive. We're a group of 30 teenagers who choose to walk (not run) the mile, and complain that golf requires too much physical activity because we have to go pick up the golf ball after every time we hit it. Yet, bring out the scooters and we're crazy. I have bruises all up and down my body from being kicked in the side, scratches on my arms from people trying to tear the ball out of my hands, and a sore butt from them pulling the scooter out from underneath me to prevent me from passing the ball to a teammate. I'm not even kidding! I have the scars to prove it! I think it's hysterical though, because these are like the innocent and quiet science nerds who did this to me. Even last year in C gym, although it was "cooler" people then, we got so into the game. Why scooter-soccer-basketball? Why not any other of the dozen games we play throughout the year? If you have any ideas let me know. I think it's hysterical. And yet, I get into the game a lot too and I still can't explain it. I guess it's another mystery of life. That seems to be the theme of the week.

Monday, April 12, 2004

My Brian was sad that I didn't type anything about him coming home, so I guess I'll have to do that now. Just playing with ya- I don't mean it that way. hehehe. (I love you pengin!) I've been trying to go up to see him at school recently and its been impossible for a number of stupid reasons which I won't get into here...who wants to hear me go on and on, trying to explain a long story you won't fully understand anyways? Let's just say my mom is being my mom and leave it at that. =) Happy thoughts =). So anyways, it was great being able to see him when he came home for Easter. I love watching him approach me with wide open arms to hug me everytime when we first meet after not seeing each other for awhile. I was able to use the CAPT testing to my advantage, well- theoretically didn't work out quite as planned ;). On Thursday, I hung out at his house in the morning before going into school at 11:00. Friday, I slept in until my usual time, like 3:30 or so, then I stayed with him the rest of that day. I missed him a lot while he was up at school, so I was really glad to spend time with him. Speaking of which, if anyone has a plan for May 11th, let me know. That's our two year anniversary and I need a way of getting up to Mass. to be with him that day. It scares me that we've been together for two years now. It's weird, because it doesn't seem like it's been that long, and yet I feel like I've known him forever. One of the mysteries of life. Okay, that didn't really make sense but it made sense in my head- then again, lots of things are clear to me but they're really just nonsense- and why am I going on about this? Who knows. I wasn't suppossed to answer that, but I did. Suddenly this blog got really weird. Okay, I'm going to shut up now before I become even more incoherant. Blah! (had to get that last word in- now I'm done)

Sunday, April 11, 2004

Some people think I'm crazy. Now isn't that a great way to start this blog? Captures your attention right away, doesn't it? I'm actually putting something to use that I learned in english class...that's kinda scary. By the way, I must say that Dr. Liberman still haunts me. Today, I was writing a help letter to Wellesley and in one of my sentences I wrote something like "I was responsible for advertising, bookkeeping, locating sponsors and photography" (okay, that wasn't the sentence at all, but it was similar in structure) when suddenly, I got a feeling in the pit of my stomach that something wasn't right. I reread the sentence and it hit me. Before I could change my error, I heard Dr. Liberman's voice screaming in my head, "26A in the Style Book, Trisha! Page 154! Parallel construction!" It pains me to know that I will never again be able to write gramatically incorrectly without hearing Dr. Liberman's voice in my head. And it is especially sad that I know page 154 is actually about parallel construction. Anyways, back to what I was saying...

Some people think I'm crazy. Today, I sent in my final attempt to get off the waitlist at Wellesley. Thus far, I have written two letters basically saying the same thing... "Admit me now- I love you!" Today, I wrote yet another letter that was completely different in its content from the past two, but when decoded properly it too confesses my lust for the college. Why do people think I'm crazy you ask? They say all of this makes me look desperate. I just say there's a fine line between showing interest and looking desperate (take that parallelism, Dr. Libermonster!). Well, the letters are nothing compared to my scrapbook, which is the real reason people think I'm nuts. Along with my third letter, today I sent in my college scrapbook to Wellesley's admissions office. Let me explain. I know you're confused. It's okay- I often am too. I made a scrapbook filled with pictures I've taken of Wellesley and articles from their school newspaper. But it's a little more complex than that. Some of the things I put on the other dozen pages were pictures of me practicing for their hoop rolling contest and my ideas for lyrics for a song in the junior musical. I even cut out a picture from their viewbook of three students making snowangels and I glued a picture of me in next to them; on that page I wrote in the margins "Look! They left a big open spot for me! I'd fit right in!". I think you get the general idea of the content. I finished it off by saying something cheesy like, "Don't you want to see the rest of my scrapbook? Well the rest is up to you! Right now, it's only full of my wishes and dreams. Help make my dream come true by making part of Wellesley College, class of 2008!" ....



..... now, maybe that is crossing the line into desperation. But, I don't know. It's worth a shot right? =) Do you think I'm crazy?

Don't answer that.

Friday, April 09, 2004

So, I haven't written in over a month. Go on and kill me. I'll admit, I was going to stop completely...but it's kinda addicting. I think it was the whole college stress factor that made me temporarily quit....but don't worry, I left the dark side. For all who care to know about college I'll let you in about where I got in and all. The topic is starting to get old around school but i figured there's still gotta be a few curious fanatics like certain people (no names will be mentioned =)) who keep a journal of which schools everyone got into. So, here's my list. Accepted at Wheaton, Stonehill, and Gordon. Waitlisted at Wellesley. Rejected from Brown, Amherst, Tufts, and Vassar. There. That's it. Satisfied? Or do you need to know where I'm going too? I'm gunna be a Wheatie unless I can get myself off that waitlist. And I have a plan to do just that. I'll share details later. hehehe. suspense.

Anyways, even I'm starting to get sick of the college topic. So enough for now. Let's talk about more fun things, like my annual dance party. Normally, I invite like 30 or so people and about half end up actually coming. This year, basically everyone came who was invited, so I ended up having a decent amount of people at my house. We did the same as usual, with some fun new twists. Pretty early on we played the writing game. Yup, a group of highschool and college teenagers played a game that involves no alcohol or cards. It sounds dorky, but it's a lot of fun. Nonetheless, I'm not going to explain it...partially because I'm tired, partially because it DOES sound dorky, and partially because....well, I just don't want to. Yeah, after the game we made pizza bagels....a semi-tradition considering this was only our second time doing it. I guess now that it's happened twice it can be called a tradition, no? I'm getting off topic. While I'm on food though, I will say that my brother made brownies again. For the non-lee lunders...or just the ignorant people at dance, I'll tell you a little side note story here. Way back when, all of six years ago, I had my first dance sleepover and my little brother decided he wanted to make us brownies. Now, it was cute because he was little and wanted to do something for us. Well, he ended up burning them so badly that we not only had to throw away the brownies, but also the pan that he cooked them in. It was really funny, because people were trying to chip off pieces to eat because they felt bad for my brother. Every year since then, he has made us brownies at my party. The funny thing is, this year he completely messed up a batch again. I don't know how, but the brownies had the consistency of tar and there was a layer of oil like a centimeter thick above them. It was kinda funny.

Getting off of the food topic, we watched The Shining. Afterwards, a few of us thought it would be fun to go outside and write Redrum on the window in red lipstick. Our pathetic attempt to scare everyone. We crawled, mission-impossible style (it's my preffered style...**see earlier entry**), to avoid turning on the motion sensor light outside. Of course, it didn't work. The light came on, plus we got muddy and made a lot of noise from laughing about how idiotic we are. Trying not to let them see our hands while we were actually writing Redrum on the window was a fun challenge. We succeeded in that part. But when they saw what we had written they just laughed at how stupid we were instead of being scared. Oh well. It was fun. It's two weeks later now and Redrum is still written on my window. I'm too lazy to go outside and wash it off. My neighbor came by the other day and asked about it....I just kinda stared at him. What am I suppossed to say?

After this, Miss Jenna Berman introduced us to a new game, butt cherades. Envision some possibilities about what this game would entail, that are of course, physically possible, and I'm sure you'll get the general idea. It became an instant classic. I'd SO love to know what you're thinking right now...

The highlight of the night I must say though was our little outdoor adventure. We went outside to jump on the trampoline when I realized it was missing. Little did I know that my brother took it down back in October. Aren't I the observant one? Well, we kinda had our hearts set on jumping on that trampoline. So, naturally we decided to build it. All I'll say is this....who else would work through the entire night and into the early morning, matching the "swivels" with the "circle with a downs" and get muddy and blistered from all the "123...pulls!!!" other than the turkey calling trampoline crew! On that final note, I'm outta here!