Monday, May 24, 2004

On Sunday Amy, Meghan and I went down to NYC to see Ambere in Fame. It was a graduation gift from Lee, which was really nice. For you oblivious people, Lee is my dance teacher and Ambere is her daughter. Now that that's clear, I can start to explain my fun filled day.

We went to Subway to get subs for the train. I asked for a six inch, but the guy made me a footlong. We decided to tell Brian that he was so infatuated with me that he couldn't concentrate on his work. I never actually told him. When we were buying tickets for the train at the little machine thing, we were laughing because it gave Amy her change back literally in change . $16.50 in coins. The train ride itself was nothing least to write about. We talked.....yeah.

Less than two minutes after we got off at Grand Central, some group of guys were hitting on Amy. Next thing you know, we're stopped by three 20something year old guys who were flirting with us....I mean, they were trying to sell us some spa day thing. As we walk away one of them says to me, "I'll see you in ten years". (He was 27 and asked how old I was). At this point, the three of us decided to make a bet. We wanted to see if we could walk one avenue on our way to the theater without being hit on. didn't happen. We were laughing hysterically. There were literally like 16 different groups of guys who hit on us. We began to think about it logically. Between the three of us, we had a guy's personal preference. Meghan was thinking of our different hair colors that would attract them. Amy however, went right into the typical guy's mind. Amy's got the butt, I've got the legs, Meghan's got the boobs. Blatently put. It was fun trying to catch all the guy's glances at our different...spots.

Enough about the 20 minute walk in the city, let's talk about the show. Ambere was amazing! It was so weird to see her up on stage, well....not on stage but like a professional, off-broadway stage with all these other amazing people. It was hysterical throughout the entire show. She kept interacting with the three of us in the audience because she knew where we were. It was sooooo funny, the things she would do. It was such an "Ambere show" too...she put her style into everything. There were a few surprises in the show that made me laugh hysterically, but I can't say them here and give them away. If you're a Lee Lunder, you have to go see the'll get it. We all decided which characters we want to play. Amy wants to be Carmen: sexy and sassy, dripping with attitude (and a drug addict). I want to be Serena: shy, insecure, a bit of a scatterbrain. And Meghan wants to be Iris: a haughty but amazing ballet dancer. Amy like fell in love with the guy who played Tyrone. And I fell in love with Nick/Rick's voice. (I'm not sure which one is his real name and which one was the name of the character in the show). I wanted him to sign my program and write "I'm a tenor. Love, Nick/Rick". Instead I got your basic autograph. I'm not complaining.

After the show Ambere brought us backstage and all. We got to see the dressing room, call board, the stage, the props tables and all that fun jazz. It was really cool. It made me want to change my major and go into musical theater. It was really funny though....we ran into Ryan! We thought it was some random thing when we saw him walking down the streets of NYC, but he was giving Ambere his headshot because he's auditioning for Fame next week. It would have been really weird if it was some random coincidence.

We all went to a cast party afterwards. I went to an off-broadway cast party!!! It was really cool. It was in some Moroccan bar that had a comfy, chic atmosphere. It was weird seeing everyone in the show there. It made them seem like normal people, and kind of took the glamour and awe away a bit. Still cool though. We talked with Ambere for a good hour and a half or so about a bunch of random things. It was fun. She treated us alot like friends rather than our dance teacher, and now I think of her that way. She invited us to stay over and take class with her the next day, but we couldn't. After telling her that she's our idol one last time, we bid our fair wells and got a taxi for Grand Central.

Our cab driver was nuts!!! Oh my god! He watched us saying goodbye to Ambere and hugging her and stuff and he starts saying out the cab window, "Goodbye! I love you! See you soon!". When we got in the cab, he starts singing like crazy to the radio, all happy go lucky. Kinda funny. Then, all of a sudden, he starts swearing at some bus in front of him. He told us if we looked up road rage in the dictionary, we'd find a picture of him. I want this guy as my cab driver? He was insane.

We made a mad dash around the streets near Grand Central looking for food 15 minutes before our train left. We found a Wendy's and a McDonalds right next door to each other. I got Wendy's then we went over to McDonalds where Amy and Meghan got their food. I went upstairs to get straws and napkins while they were waiting for their food. The security guard upstairs gave me the strangest look. I couldn't figure out why at first. Then I figured it was probably because I was carrying my Wendy's bag and drink.

We managed to make the 11:17 train, and we got back around 1:00. It was a fun little day. Don't you think so?

Thursday, May 20, 2004

As I slide further down that famous senior slide, I have more and more time to comtemplate life's greater questions. You're probably thinking that I have been thinking about things such as, "What is the purpose of life", "Why is there so much hate in the world" know the sort. Well you're wrong. I have been pondering much BIGGER things. The real significant stuff in life. Like, why is abbreviation such a long word? I'm sorry, but that doesn't make much sense at all. Also, did Adam and Eve have bellybuttons? Biologically, they shouldn't have...but that's kind of freaky isn't it? Can you imagine seeing someone without a bellybutton? It'd be kind of weird, no? Well....actually, knowing me and how clueless I am half the time, I'd probably just stare at them and think...hmmm....something's not quite right but I can't put my finger on it. Here's another weird thing I started to think about when I was finishing my sweetened milk from the Frosted Flakes this morning. Who was the first person to look at a cow and say, "I think I'll squeeze these dangly things here and drink what comes out"? Although they are really idiotic questions, try to think about them. They'll blow your mind.

Not all of my questions are as strange as those. I've been thinking...why do I always have the most energy the less I sleep and the more hours I can squeeze in, the more exhausted I am? Let me paint the scene for you. It's Thursday night, 11:00....big poetry paper due the next day....haven't started. Five hours later, (that's 4:00), I finish and go to bed. At 6:00 I wake up to shower and go to school. That was the first day all year I didn't fall asleep in Chambers...or be tempted to in other classes. Full of energy! Sunday night is a repeat of Thursday, except this time it is a Duffy paper and I don't go to bed until 4:45. Monday, again, wide awake all day. Then Wednesday rolls around. I sleep 9 hours that night. Thursday, I'm falling asleep in every class, and I even came home to take a nap and ended up sleeping too long and missing the beginning of dance. Also, these two papers that I wrote are two of the best compositions of my life. Moral of the story...don't sleep. It all works out in the end.

Here comes the big question that has been bothering me. Why do adults think every teenager is a common criminal? I don't know if it's just because the workers at Barnes and Noble are all stuck up but....wait, I'm getting ahead of myself. But this annoyed me. I was in Barnes and Noble the other day to buy a book of poetry for school. I proceed to the cash register and pull out my wallet. I try to pay with a $50. The cashier lady looks at me suspiciously and says "I may be able to break this for you...Let's see". Okay, so I'm thinking that she may not have enough money in the cash register to give me change. Well, she takes my $50 and holds it up to the window, to make sure that little strip thing is in there to prove that it's real money. At this point, I gave her the benefit of the doubt, assuming she was just being careful and that she would do this with anyone. Then, she opens up the cash register, and it was stashed with $20's, $10's, $5's, $1's....all the way down to pennies. I'm talking, I never saw a more full cash register. Now, if she knew that she had the change to give me, why did she say "I may be able to break this for you?", and then check if it's real money? My answer....she thinks I'm a good-for-nothing teenage criminal. I only have one thing to say. If I were the type to use counterfeit money do you really think, as a teenage theif, I would spend it on a book of poetry? Use some common sense Barnes and Noble lady! I'd watch out if I were you. Next time I just may pay with a Canadian penny. Better believe it!

Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Hi there. I don't have anything to talk about but I felt like blogging. Well, actually....I have a lot of topics in mind, just nothing very other words, I don't really have much to say. Just watch, this will probably be the longest blog I've written in a month. Guarantee it.

I'm convinced. They're out to get me. It's a conspiracy. They've made me paranoid....paranoid I tell ya. Stupid spiders. They're everywhere. I'm really starting to think that they all ganged up together in this big spider cult and they're trying to attack me. It all began last week when I noticed a spider on the outside of my car window as I was about to get in. I brushed it away with my keys...not thinking much of it at the time. But it kept happening. In the strangest of places. One small spider on the window seems innocent enough...but I swear that today was their independence day. They were prepared for war. I encountered 12 spiders today. Count! First I feel one crawling across my foot while driving. I almost crashed. Literally. It scared me half to death! Thank god I was approaching a stoplight where I could squash the little jerk. While daydreaming to the background of Mr. Freedman's monotone voice in poetry class, I spied another crawling towards me. Coincidence? Maybe at this point...but the story goes on my friends. The next one chose to attack again while I was driving in my car. This time, on the steering wheel. Another near accident. I blew him away...don't exactly know where he is right now. Yet another was on my windsheild that I whisked off with my wipers. (Think this is a sign I need to clean out my car?) Anyways, as I walked in the door when I got home I actually stepped on I might add. Complete accident. Grossed me out to the extreme. And even while sitting here at the computer, all of a sudden one came down from the ceiling on it's little string...inches from my face! INCHES!!! I think they've had enough of the bitter taste of defeat for the day. Hopefully, I won't encounter any more spiders for awhile. Ok, so maybe I miscounted a little bit...there weren't 12...but there were far too many for one day. They've really made me paranoid! I keep brushing myself off, thinking I felt one crawling on me...or looking around the room for one to come charging at me. Those things are fast man. Maybe I was just psychologically damaged from the Bugs Life 3D thing at disney.

See, that one topic all ready took up alot of space. This one's short though. I promise. I just want to say that I finally read the Da Vinci Code and it is a-mazing! I'm not much of a book person and even I finished it in under a week. Let me tell you though, I am Christian...very much so....and this book made me question my faith big time. And it's fiction! How messed up is that? It's based on real research and junk but it's still a ficticious story. Yet, it convinced me. Unexplainable. Somehow it made me feel alot better though when I learned that the author was Christian...restored my faith a bit. I'm sure you all are relieved that my spirituality is revived. No need to panic.

I've realized that in one or two of my blogs I've explained my....annoyance...with little kids. Today, though...I have to give them some credit. I had an epiphany- on the most unlikely of days too. I had to teach my 8-12 year old theater class that I demonstrate for. Twenty-two little girls under my watch for an hour and a half on a Wednesday afternoon. Honestly, I thought I would lose it tonight. I wasn't looking forward to it. And while they weren't angels, not even normal really, I must say....something. I don't know how to finish that sentence. So...I'll just move on. I really do love those kids. I feel like their big sister. They come in every week, rushing over to hug me and tell me stories. It can get annoying at times, depending on my mood, but then I realize that it's just that they like me...look up to me even. I love how every week they ask me if I'm coming back next year then look upset when I say no, as if they expected my answer to change. I must admit...they're not all bad. I'm going to miss them. That's a scary thought, coming from me. I don't know what it is about this group this year. But...I like em. Even though they are aggravating little girls.

This last thing I have to put in here, if only for my own amusement. In math class today we wrote jokes on the board and I'd like to share. If you're not a math freak like me you probably won't find them in the slightest way funny, and you may not get them all. Nonetheless, I can't help putting them in here. Go ahead, think I'm weird. I already know it. Anyways, here's the top ten list...
1) Let's take a class trip to the forest and find some lns and maybe even some square roots!
2) Help! I'm injured! Take me to l'Hospital!
3) Why was the math book sad? It had alot of problems.
4) Mr. Williams went to the beach and now he's a tan-gent.
5) Let's go eat some pi.
6) I saw the opened up my eyes, I saw the sin.
7) I aced the was a sinh(x).
8) Ooo girl! I wish I was tangent to those curves!
9) Did you hear the one about the statisticion? Probably...
10) Sorry I didn't do my homework Mr. Geary. But I could only get arbitrarily close to my textbook...I couldn't actually reach it. wasn't that the highlight of your day!

Tuesday, May 11, 2004 makeover here. I don't know if it looks different to you as a reader, but they revamped the whole editing/posting thing. Threw me off guard. Anyways...

Anyone know what today is?!?! Ok....umm....yes, it's Tuesday. You're right there. How bout the date? Yup, correct again. It's May 11,2004. I bet you had to look at the top of the blog to figure that one out. Don't deny it. Anyways, here's where I'm going with this.... Two years ago, to the day, my Brian asked me out! Isn't that crazy? It really is. I still remember when he asked me to prom online, and I barely knew him. I remember, almost word for word, the perfect fairytale story I told to all my friends for weeks after the prom. I remember so many little moments...and big moments, conversations, and dates. But still, it doesn't feel like it has been two years. And yet, I feel like I've known him my whole life. He really has become my best friend and I can't imagine myself without him. Sometimes, I really think we're meant for each other...I mean that in a very literal way too. Like we're specifically meant to help the other person tackle their emotions and things life throws at them. He has done so much for me emotionally and mentally, in a good way...then again, not always ;), that I can really say I wouldn't be the same person I am today without him. Literally. I wouldn't be. I'm not going to lie. It's been a rollercoaster ride, many ups and downs...and loops, but it's worth it. He's worth it. It's still amazing though that it has been two years. I can't get over it. All of the memories are still so clear and fresh in my mind...please excuse me for a moment while I reminisce.....

I'm back. That was nice. I think that with all we've been through, we can get through anything else together. I love him. I really do. You have no idea how much. This is no normal teenage love. I know probably everyone says that, but I really mean it. Sometimes, I feel like I'm falling in love with him all over again. Not that I ever "fell out", but it's that rush of excitement and that heavy, and yet amazingly light, feeling in your chest you get when you first fall in love. I still write his name down with little hearts all around it in my notebooks at school. I still walk around on random days, smiling like an idiot just from thinking about him. I still cry those happy tears at night, when I think of how lucky I am to have him. After these past two years...there's still so many stills!!! If that made sense. One thing's for sure, I love that boy, I do. He's my pengin, my one and only, my baby :).

Thursday, May 06, 2004

Let me tell you about two things I haven't had much luck with lately. I've been getting injured...if you can call it injured....because of dance and foil. Dance and foil have been very annoying lately. Now, I'm sure you can understand why I would be getting injured at dance, but foil might take a bit more imagination on your part. Well, the dance injuries are nothing major. But, for some reason, in the past week alone, I've hurt myself alot. I burned my foot on the tile floor at school while practicing my tap dance with Jenna. I thought you can only get rug burns from the floor...who knew that you could get burnt from tile? I certainly didn't know this. Let me tell you, it hurts. That's just a minor thing though. I can handle a little tile burn. I've been struggling with a pulled muscle in my leg for like three weeks now though. That hasn't been fun. I have no idea how it started, why it hasn't gotten better, or why it's so bad exactly. It's at the point now where I can't even sit with my leg out in front of me without being in pain, nevermind stretching it. Believe it or not, even crossing my legs while I'm sitting in a chair is painful. Not a good sign. Hopefully things will heal soon. You wanna hear about a funny little dance story? I was bored in Tina's class. We were just sitting there, you know? So, I said to Stephanie that we should push ourselves backwards and slide offstage into the wings. Then I demonstrated my idea. I shouldn't have. I pushed myself with quite a bit of power. Next thing I know, I crash into the door to the stereo...making quite a bit of noise and causing quite a bit of pain. Of course, everyone turns to me with looks like "What on earth did you just do?". Laughter ensues. It was parent observation day too. Hahaha. No Kate, I didn't have a leg spasm like you told Courtney. Where did you get that from?If you heard a loud crash would you instantly think...LEG SPASM!!! I know I wouldn't.

Foil. I hate it. It turns up in the weirdest places. It tries to lure you in with it's pretty shiny silver's a tricky one, that foil. In the past two weeks I have gotten 3 foil cuts. Like paper cuts...but with foil which is a whole lot more painful. I swear, I'm going to have a scar on my left thumb for the rest of my life. Twice, it happened while I was opening jello. The stupid foil tops cut my fingers! All I wanted was a refreshing after school snack and I ended up bleeding and jumping around the house in pain. I don't trust jello anymore. I don't know if I'll ever eat it again. The other time I got cut was actually from a pack of gum. Not the individually wrapped sticks of gum, but the kind where you pop out the little square pieces. Would you believe that I cut myself on that? I didn't think it was possible. You probably didn't either. Trust is.

I learned alot these past two weeks. There are more ways to get burnt than just from fire, the sun, and the rug. Tile can be added to that list. Also, I now know that foil can be rather dangerous. Keep it away from kids. Don't let them eat jello unsupervised. I mean, I always thought it was kind of funny looking, especially green jello, but I never thought it could be a dangerous weapon. Next time I want to hurt someone, I'm definitely bringing jello along. Pleasant, tasty snack? I think not!