Sunday, February 06, 2005

I have some very sad news. I forgot to celebrate my one year anniversary of blogging on January 29th. I was going to write a very special post, commemorating this past year... but instead I was probably out with my dance friends having fun. So tragic.

So yes, I have now been blogging for over a year and I have a mere 44 posts, this being number 46. Wait, that doesn't make sense... erase that.... this being number 45. That's better. Sigh. What has become of my life during this past year? I graduated high school and have now completed my first semester at Wheaton, but what does it all mean.... what is the significance? I should take a philosophy class... I'm good at asking random, thought-provoking yet utterly pointless questions that I don't really care about answering. Actually, it's my goal to graduate Wheaton without ever having to take any philosophy class... I'd rather avoid the controversial topic of "the nature of reality" if I can help it.

The classes I actually am taking this semester are pretty cool. My prof for Calc II is Napoleon Dynamite and my Macro prof wears size 15 shoes. In French we're currently learning the alphabet and in my poetry writing class we're learning to "hear the words that live in silence". My psych class I have nothing fun to say about except that it's really cool and interesting and I actually have friends in that class. I should have a pretty easy semester... I don't have to write one paper in any of my classes and I'll only have 2 finals. Woot woot!

I've honestly spent more time on dance than I have on work lately. I had to come back to Wheaton two weeks early for the dance company. Each day was 8 hours of dancing and we learned like 4 new pieces and cleaned everything else up. Let me say that again because I don't think you fully comprehended what I just said. Each day was 8 hours of dancing... do you realize what that really means?!?!?! It was exhausting. Lately, we've been running our entire show like everyday which is just as tiring as preseason was. In one week we start onstage rehearsals and a week after that we have our performances and we're done for the year! Woot woot times two this time!

About the only good thing about preseason was that I became alot closer with my dance co. girls. We hung out quite a bit and now we'll spend the occasional weekend going out together. We've had some fun times!!! I'm glad that now I have two strong groups of friends up here... my original Young 1sters and the younger half of my dance co. girls. I don't feel like going through the whole friend introduction like I did with my Young 1st friends, so from now on just recognize these names as being my dance co. friends (along with their brief intros): Rachel (my fellow math nerd and supercool Texan friend), Stephanie (Young 3rder who I LOVE), Lauren (uppercampus dweller who's really funny), Amy (a friendly girl who lives in a basement and has pooping issues), Susan (a gebbie goddess who is super sweet), and Kurt (the guy who's not in the dance company but should be). Got it? Good! Moving on then....

I moved rooms too, now I'm in Meadows East... a much larger, noisier, non-wellness dorm on campus. It'll take some getting used to, but it isn't half bad. And I still (illegally) have my key to get into Young so I can go back and visit my friends there whenever I want. My new roommate is a sophomore from Florida. She seems cool but is barely ever in the room so I haven't really gotten to know her. I swear that the only times she is in the room is when she's dropping off more new dvds she just bought.... I swear that this girl is a living Blockbuster store.

Tonight's the superbowl. I won't be watching. I will be sitting in my room, doing my hw, secretly hoping that the Eagles win. Did I just say that, living in New England?!?!?!? I think I did!!! :0